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-Aerospace and marine equipment components

-Diverse experience – from landing gear components to sub-assemblies

-Participation in the manufacture of numerous military equipment components


-High volume medical component manufacturing

-Alignment with medical industry safety requirements

-Custom component designs available


-Components for hydraulic fastening and tensioning systems

-Various protective surface coatings available

-Alignment with industry and client regulations


-Components for both commercial and military aircrafts

-Vast experience – from landing gear components to sub-assemblies

-Supply of engine parts

Oil & Gas

-Components for harsh environment connection systems

-Components for optical underwater connection systems

-Stainless steel, titanium, tiodized and passivated components

Welcome to Trio Tech Inc.


At Trio Tech Inc. we are specialists in the production of components and assemblies that play a key role in the aerospace, energy, technology, military and medical industries. When it comes to delivering a quality product for your equipment, Trio Tech Inc. will provide you with a wide variety of options and excellent customer service every single time.

We strongly believe in innovation and investing heavily in personnel and operations - in turn allowing us to utilize the latest, state-of-the-art production technologies. 

Please take a moment to browse our website and see what we have to offer.